Author: Grenade Singh

Autoplay Profile Songs 1

Autoplay Profile Songs

We’ve added the autoplay feature to Profile Music (released previously). Please remember to check it on if you want your friends to hear your profile song automatically. Example from my profile:

Profile Songs: Let The Music Play 2

Profile Songs: Let The Music Play

Update 2013-07-01: Auto Play feature has been added. We finally have Profile Song feature. Now you can go to your Profile > Edit > Profile Widgets > Put in a URL from a SoundCloud,...

Releasing Auto Activity Updates 0

Releasing Auto Activity Updates

Previously I worked on getting comments automatically updated, now I’ve gone further. New activity updates will appear on the homepage dynamically through AJAX as they come in. This is something sites like Facebook and...

Add your pics to PJ 0

Add your pics to PJ

We’ve added a new feature to create albums within your profiles. So now you can upload all your pics into your profile. Profile View Manage your albums and upload pics. Status View You will...

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